How to Make Low-Budget Films Look Professional

In the world of filmmaking, having a big budget can make all the difference in the world. However, with the right techniques and attention to detail, even low-budget films can look professional and polished. We’ve pulled together some tips on how to make low-budget films look professional: Choose the right script The script is the […]

Even musicians need the occasional hiatus

Taking a moment to restructure your work/life balance is important, even for musicians. Here are some tips on what I did to kickstart a more productive existence.

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Inside the mind of a library composer

Learn about the process I use when writing new material for Instrumental Background Music!

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Meet FBC Parkstreet Church

Learn about the First Baptist Church of Charlottesville in our first customer spotlight!

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5 Tips for Creating Highly Effective Crowdfunding Pitch Videos

Crowdfunding videos are a great way to raise funds for your project and get your message across to your target audience. Whether you're raising funds on Kickstarter or IndieGoGo, use these tips to boost your chances of success!

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10 tips for creating great video content

Tips on how to quickly connect with your customers through great video content.

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21 power tips & tricks to become a Final Cut Pro X professional

Become a Final Cut Pro X ninja with these power tips and tricks to streamline your editing!

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How PewDiePie uses music in his videos to engage viewers

Learn how PewDiePie uses music and sound effects in his video to great effect (and how you can too).

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How to Make More Sales with your Videos Effectively

The 'hard-sell' approach is like pepper spray in todays world of marketing, so is there a better way of marketing to people to increase your sales in a more natural way?

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Top 10 music tracks for business use

Check out 10 popular tracks for business use chosen by our customers over the last year in our recent survey.

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Crowdfunding Video promoting a brand, product, service, promotion or company / organization incl. events. Goal of $1 - $20k Goal of $20k - $200k Goal of $200k +
Apps & Games Online games & apps, free mobile apps, paid apps Up to 1,000 downloads Up to 1 million downloads 1+ million downloads
Downloads / Physical Distribution Video & film downloads, multimedia CD's & DVD's, wedding videos Up to 1,000 downloads / copies Up to 1 million downloads / copies 1+ million downloads /copies
Television / Radio / Film Background music in TV & radio, theme music, film projects & film festivals. Cue sheet required Budget up to $50k, distribution in 1 territory in 1 project * Budget up to $1 million, distribution in 1 territory in 1 project * Budget of $1+ million, multiple territories, 1 project *
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