Think music isn’t important in your marketing? Think again.

While we have moved beyond the days of clichéd ads using cheesy jingles and smiley actors to promote products and services, it doesn’t mean that music and ‘audio branding’ has become any less important in marketing your business, products and services.

Create happy memories

According to Alex White who is Co-Founder & CEO of Next Big Sound, Inc. which provides online music analytics and insights:

“Music creates the value that brands need to win the war for attention and develop a genuine connection with their consumers. When used correctly, music not only creates loyalty, but true advocacy.”

And indeed, music has been shown to activate many different centers across the brain, particularly the emotional onesBut all this is obvious right? I mean, we all know the feeling you get when listening to music that moves you or creates feelings of excitement. You can shift from feeling happy / sad / like you want to dance etc. to simply being blown away by the immersive sound of big orchestral scores.

However, when it comes to increasing consumer engagement, there’s not much that beats marrying together the right visuals with the right music. Listening to music can produce happy memories that evoke strong emotions – just think about how excited people get listening to holiday music when Christmas is approaching or Halloween!

Below are a few good examples of music working with picture that really stand out for us.

Apple’s iPhone 7 commercial

An excellent use of cool, glitchy, highly rhythmic and sound design-heavy music. This works so well because the music sounds fresh / new and the video is tightly edited to the music. You’re taken on a exciting journey with this kind of production and it tells a strong story through the use of music as well as visuals. Pretty much all of Apple’s soundtracks feed into the idea that they are a unique, forward-thinking and cool company dating back since their Think Different campaign through to the Get a Mac commercials which are accompanied by a lighter and more comical style of music.

Guinness ‘Good things come to those who wait’ campaign

Even though it was made back in 1998 by advertising agency AMV BBDO, this is a classic advert that has a clear, strong message that really captures viewers and is largely due to it’s simple driving soundtrack. The music creates the atmosphere perfectly, reinforcing the repetitiveness of continuing to try and try and try as ‘good things come to those who wait’. According to Wikipedia, AMV BBDO’s proposal was to “turn around the negative consumer opinion of the length of time required to correctly pour a pint of Guinness from the tap”, something they managed to achieve very well – I’m always patient waiting for my pint of Guinness!

Thomson ‘Time for a holiday’ advert

Simple and beautiful piano pieces can be really effective and evocative in videos that want to create an emotional connection with viewers and Thomson do an excellent job in this ad.

Barnardo’s ‘Life Story’ advert

And just as immersive music can be incredibly powerful, so can the sparse use of music. As many Jazz musicians will tell you, it’s not just the notes that are important, but the spaces between them. This Barnardo’s advert is a great example of that.

And finally, sometimes you must hear the bad to appreciate the good…

Feeling hungry after that?

If you have any examples you’d like to share, please post them in the comments below!



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