Top tips on how to choose the best music for your video

Choosing the right music for your videos can be difficult. There are so many choices out there so we’ve put together some tips on how to choose the best music for your production below.

1. Think about your audience

This is the number one rule for the tone and feel of the music you choose. Are you trying to attract a young demographic like teenagers? Businesses? Parents or even a specific sector like teachers? Think about your viewers when choosing music and the feel and tone of the music that would suit them.

2. What footage does your video contain?

Choosing soft classical music over some BMX stunt visuals probably isn’t going to work as well as something like a powerful electronic and high-energy track like our popular track Drive. If you have fast visuals, then fast-paced / high energy music is more likely to fit better. Likewise, if you have some slow moving visuals like a shot of a couple in love walking on the beach, it makes sense to use tracks like On the Shoreline as it will fit much more nicely with your visuals. Again, using the filters on the Find Music page will help you find a good fit.

3. Choose subtle background music for interviews

You don’t want music to overcrowd the rest of your audio, particularly when there is a voice over or interviews. Using the track Successful Venture, Prostar & Knight Transportation have nicely combined a subtle background track that ebbs and flows in the background while their interviewees talk. It’s unobtrusive yet uplifting and helps move the interview along nicely:

4. Synchronising can be powerful

Of course, take this with a pinch of salt as you can overdo it, but by syncing video and audio together you can create a very pleasing and engaging effect. Choosing music that has clear downbeats and breaks in it (such as a regular kick sound) makes this easier of course and if you use the music as a guide for editing (a common technique by many editors), then your video can come alive. It’s a bit like dancing to music, it’s much more satisfying if you do it in time! Here’s one of my favourites by Daft Punk.

5. To fade or not to fade?

You shouldn’t be forced to choose one or the other (and in fact all our tracks have endings included!), but how you end your video is just as important as how you start your video. Choose music that has an ending that is easy to edit and ends things nicely so you have the option when you start editing your video.

Got some more tips? Leave them below in the comments!

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  1. I really like your advice to choose background production music that has a lot of downbeats in it so that it will be able to synchronize with the visual aspects of the video as well. The company I work for is planning on shooting a new commercial soon and they are trying to figure out the kind of tune they want to play along with the visuals we shoot. I’ll be sure to tell them that they should try to find some background production music that will be able to synchronize easily with the rest of the video, seeing as that will leave a powerful effect with our viewers and potential customers.

    1. Glad you liked the article! There are lots of aspects of music that can useful in creating an emotional bond with your viewers – including purposefully not synchronising certain parts of your film to the downbeats! – but I’ve found that people tend to like videos where the music feels like it was made for the film rather than just general background music. I may well publish an article on the psychology of music soon as it’s a big area and something every filmmaker can benefit from when choosing music for their films.

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