What You Need To Know About Using Royalty Free Music for Your Minecraft Videos

If you’re a vlogger thinking of creating a new series of Minecraft YouTube videos, there will eventually come a moment when you will want to overlay some background music to make your videos sound more professional.

The problem is that much of the background music out there today isn’t royalty free – that means you can’t use popular music from your favourite music stars without YouTube eventually asking you to take your video down.

Moreover, much of the free background music out there that’s been cleared for copyright just isn’t right for scoring your Minecraft video, whether it’s a Let’s Play, a Mod Pack Review or a tutorial.

How to get around music copyright issues

Instrumental Background Music solves both of those problems for you. First of all, all music available on the site is 100 percent royalty-free meaning once you pay for the music, it’s yours to use in that production for an entire lifetime without ever paying another penny. You can mix, re-mix or edit the music as you see fit such as using the full (2 minutes), various sections of it or just use the 60 seconds, 30 seconds and infinite loop(s) we provide you with. You can see how this matches up perfectly with the timing of most YouTube videos.

Take a look the video ‘Minecraft Crafting Ideas 4’ by popular Minecraft YouTube vlogger Zos which has over 9 million views and uses our track Turn it Up:

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Secondly, all music found on Instrumental Background Music has been scored and composed by professional musicians. We’re not a huge company looking to license a lot of generic music – we’re a collective of passionate musicians and independent composers who love to make unique sounding music and soundtracks.

Minecraft music collections

Specifically for your Minecraft videos we’ve even put together two specific categories – Retro Gamer and My YouTube Channel – that we think will be perfect for Minecraft vloggers. We’ve looked at the videos of some of the top Minecraft vloggers and carefully analyzed what works, and what doesn’t, when it comes to scoring a Minecraft video. As a result, you can have the peace of mind of knowing that the music is going to work for your videos.

Once you’ve downloaded the music, you can decide to use it just for a single Let’s Play Minecraft video to perhaps to underscore some dramatic action that’s about to take place, or you can use it as part of building a brand for your Minecraft YouTube channel. In short, you can use that music as the intro or the outro for the video that viewers will immediately identify as coming from you.

Maximize your YouTube views

In terms of maximizing user views, background music for your YouTube videos is the best way to engage viewers – just take a look at Zos who has over 90,000 subscribers and uses music in almost all his videos. Even the most epic Let’s Play Minecraft video is going to have certain pauses or moments of silence when you aren’t narrating the action, and that’s why music is so important. It creates engagement with the viewer and helps to establish tempo, pacing and rhythm.

If you’re not sure exactly what music would make the best match for your Minecraft video, we’ve provided plenty of tags, categories and genres that you can search. You can also download a preview of the music by clicking the ‘download preview’ button (which looks like a cloud with a downward-pointing arrow) to give you a sense of exactly what it will sound like with your video. And to help you further, we give a brief description of the music from our perspective as musicians, so that you know what the mood and effect is supposed to be 🙂

Stand out

In order to stand out from other Minecraft vloggers and get more YouTube views and subscribers, there are a lot of methods you could try. But the one method that is easy, convenient and accessible to anyone is simply using royalty free background music to give your video an extra layer of branding and engagement. Give it a go, you’ll be happy you did!

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