Modern Epic Glitch Trailer

Modern Epic Glitch Trailer

Unique, modern and epic hybrid trailer that consists of a range of recorded sounds that have been twisted and mangled along with vintage synths, hard crunching beats and layered with emotive raw strings. Great for mission impossible style productions, super hero movies, fast-paced car shots, chase scenes, tension builders, risers, intros and powerful endings. It develops from a subtle dark and menacing beginning through to a powerful climax filled with energy, excitement, tension and an intensity that will keep you on edge. Great for a range of uses from video games, epic movie trailers, futuristic technology shots in your videos, high-octane / energy sports promos, tension builders and even stings and logos.

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BPM 110

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Crowdfunding Video promoting a brand, product, service, promotion or company / organization incl. events. Goal of $1 - $20k Goal of $20k - $200k Goal of $200k +
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Downloads / Physical Distribution Video & film downloads, multimedia CD's & DVD's, wedding videos Up to 1,000 downloads / copies Up to 1 million downloads / copies 1+ million downloads /copies
Television / Radio / Film Background music in TV & radio, theme music, film projects & film festivals. Cue sheet required Budget up to $50k, distribution in 1 territory in 1 project * Budget up to $1 million, distribution in 1 territory in 1 project * Budget of $1+ million, multiple territories, 1 project *
Advertising TV, Cinema & Radio advertising
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